2015 Atlantic Book Awards Winners

1. Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature
The End of the Line, by Sharon E. McKay, published by Annick Press Ltd.

2. Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association’s Best Atlantic-Published Book Award, Sponsored by Friesens Corporation
Creative Book Publishing for Island Kitchen: An Ode to Newfoundland by Chef Mark McCrowe with Sasha Okshevsky

3. Atlantic Book Award for Scholarly Writing, Sponsored by Marquis Book Printing
Equal as Citizens: The Tumultuous and Troubled History of a Great Canadian Idea by Richard Starr, published by Formac Publishing Company Ltd.

4. The Robbie Robertson Dartmouth Book Award (Non-Fiction), Presented by the Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth
Fire in the Belly: How Purdy Crawford rescued Canada, and changed the way we do business by Gordon Pitts, published by Nimbus Publishing

5. Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing
Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster, by Jenny Higgins, published by Boulder Publications

6. Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award (Fiction), presented by BoyneClarke LLP
Punishment, by Linden MacIntyre, published by Random House Canada

7. Lillian Shepherd Award for Excellence in Illustration
Sydney Smith for Music is for Everyone, written by
Jill Barber, published by Nimbus Publishing

8. Margaret and John Savage First Book Award, Sponsored by Collins Barrow LLP, Weed Man Maritimes, Heritage House Law Office, I Love Renovations and the family of John and Margaret Savage
Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome: stories by Megan Gail Coles, published by Creative Book Publishing