Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards

The Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards are biennial, covering a two-calendar-year publishing period. The pairings are Fiction and Children’s/Young Adult Literature in one year, and Poetry and Non-Fiction in the next year. WANL presents these awards in partnership with the Literary Arts Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Established in 1997, these awards honour excellence in Newfoundland and Labrador writing. Each category is judged by a jury of three. Shortlisted authors are announced in March.

The 2013 Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards comprise the Rogers Communications Award for Non-Fiction and the E.J. Pratt Poetry Award. The winner of each category receives a cash prize of $1,500, and each runner-up receives $500.

Information regarding the rules of eligibility, residency requirements are posted here:

The Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards are presented under the distinguished patronage of the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Previous recipients:

Year One – 1997

Poetry: Michael Crummey for Arguments with Gravity

Non-Fiction: Dorothy Inglis for Bread and Roses

Year Two – 1998

Children’s/YA: Joan Clark for Dream Carvers

Fiction: Patrick Kavanagh for Gaff Topsails

Year Three – 1999

Poetry: John Steffler for That Night We Were Ravenous

Non-Fiction: Bernie Stapleton for They Let Down Baskets

Year Four – 2000

Children’s/YA: Janet McNaughton for Make or Break Spring

Fiction: Carmelita McGrath for Stranger Things Have Happened

Year Five – 2001

Poetry: Al Pittman for Thirty-for-Sixty

Non-Fiction: Mary Pratt for A Personal Calligraphy and Patrick O’Flaherty for Old Newfoundland: A History to 1843

Year Six – 2002

Children’s/YA: Janet McNaughton for The Secret Under My Skin

Fiction: Ed Kavanagh for The Confessions of Nipper Mooney

Year Seven – 2003

Poetry: John Steffler for Helix: New and Selected Poems

Non-Fiction: Ed Smith for From the Ashes of My Dream

Year Eight – 2004

Children’s/YA: Janet McNaughton for An Earthly Knight

Fiction: Susan Rendell for In the Chambers of the Sea

Year Nine – 2005

Poetry: Mary Dalton for Merrybegot

Non-Fiction: Stan Dragland for Apocrypha: Further Journeys

Year Ten – 2006

Children’s/YA: Janet McNaughton for Brave Jack and the Unicorn

Fiction: Joan Clark for An Audience of Chairs

Year Eleven – 2007

Poetry: Patrick Warner for There, there

Non-fiction: Gerhard P. Bassler for Vikings to U-Boats: The German Experience in Newfoundland and Labrador

Year Twelve – 2008

Children’s/YA: Janet McNaughton for The Raintree Rebellion

Fiction: Bernice Morgan for Cloud of Bone

Year Thirteen – 2009

Poetry: Randall Maggs for Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems

Non-fiction: Russell Wangersky for Burning Down the House: Fighting Fires and Losing Myself

Year Fourteen – 2010

Children’s/YA: Tom Dawe for Moocher in the Lun

Fiction: Jessica Grant for Come, Thou Tortoise

Year Fifteen – 2011

Poetry: Patrick Warner for Mole

Non-fiction: Rhonda Pelley for Island Maid: Voices of Outport Women

Year Sixteen – 2012

Children’s/YA:  Andy Jones for Jack and the Manger

Fiction:  Gerard Collins for Moonlight Sketches