APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book

APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book Award 2018

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Presented annually during the Atlantic Book Awards, the APMA Best Atlantic- Published Book Award is awarded to an Atlantic Canada publisher, whose book best exemplifies excellence and achievement in publishing in Atlantic Canada. The winning book must be edited, designed and published by an Atlantic Canada publisher between 1 December 2016 and 30 November 2017.

Eligibility, criteria and submission guidelines

  1. Publishers must be eligible for active or associate membership in the APMA, although they need not be members
  2. Eligible books may be published in English or French and must meet our definition of a book. Our criteria is:
    • a book is a literary, instructional or illustrative work. The content of which contains sustained authorial voice and originality intended for public consumption, by means of traditional bound books, audio books and electronic books for download or online consumption;
    • a book has an ISBN number and a CIP number and be registered with the Library and Archives of Canada. Electronic books must be registered with the Electronic Publication Acquisitions Editor, LAC;
    • has a front cover, a back cover and a copyright page;
    • the publisher must have a tracking system for royalty payments and sales dat
  3. The book must have been published and printed between 1, December 2016 and 30 November, 2017. Submissions must be postmarked by 15 December 2017
  4. Revised editions are not eligible.
  5. Publishers are invited to submit up to three titles.
  6. The submission will include 6 copies of the book and a completed application document. The application document will be circulated to the peer jury members, and is intended to brief them on each component of the publishing process and activity. The components of the documents MUST include:
  • The rationale for publishing the book: Describe the reason for publishing the book: why was the book important; what makes it unique.
  • Editorial development:  Describe the editorial process, from concept to acquisition through to the editorial process, with a focus on the role of the publishing house in each stage of editorial development. This includes background on the author and other creators (i.e. illustrators), the reasons for working with these individuals on the project and the overall importance of the book.
  • Design and layout:  Focus on the choices made regarding the design and layout of the book, including cover design, interior design, typeface, and layout.
  • Production: Describe the production decisions, from format and design through to the selection of paper, cover stock, and other materials as well as the choice of printer.
  • Marketing strategy:  Describe the intended audience for the book and the approach used by the publishing house to reach that audience.
  • Promotion and publicity activities: Describe the promotion/publicity plan developed for the book, the details of the execution of the plan, and the results, both expected and unexpected.
  • Sales strategy and implementation : Include the initial sales projection, including the process for arriving at the projection, the sales plan, its implementation and the final results.
  • Overall impact and assessment:  Include any specific information that, as publisher, you wish to share about the impact of the title on a community or the region, the results achieved (both intended and unintended), and the overall performance of the title.

Note: Each section should contain its own description. Leaving a section blank or writing “see above” will result in zero points for that section.

Submission Fee

Each title entered must be accompanied by an administration fee of $57.50 (includes applicable provincial HST) to cover the costs of shipping the submitted books to the jury members.

The Jury

The jury will be made up of CEOs from two active members of the APMA, who are willing to serve and are not affiliated with any of the shortlisted books and three industry professionals from outside the region. Jury members will undertake to follow the rules and guidelines of the process.

Submission Evaluation

Jury members will be provided with one copy of each book submitted for consideration, and the application document for each title.

The evaluation will be done using the following eight criteria and weighting.

  • the rationale for publishing the book and editorial development – 25%
  • design and layout and production – 25%
  • marketing strategy, promotion and publicity – 20%
  • sales strategy and implementation – 15%
  • overall impact and assessment – 15%

Jury members will keep the results of the selection process confidential until the public announcement of the award.


  1. A cash prize of $3,000 will be awarded to the publisher and a cash prize of $1,000 to the author (to be shared with co-author(s) and/or illustrator(s), if applicable). Award will be presented at the 2018 Atlantic Book Awards (10 May 2018 at the Halifax Central Library)
  2. The three shortlisted publishers will receive a commemorative plaque.
  3. ABA seals are available, for a fee, to affix to future copies of the shortlisted books.



The jury chair will prepare a citation for each of the shortlist books, highlighting the qualities that made them, in the opinion of the jury, stand out as examples of publishing achievement and excellence in Atlantic Canada. These citations will be used in media releases and at the awards ceremony.



The shortlisted authors and winner(s) names are not to be revealed under any circumstances, except by the awards committee in the course of their preparations for the awards.