APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book

APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book Award 2016

Presented annually during the Atlantic Book Awards to an Atlantic Canada publisher of the printed book which best exemplifies publishing activity in Atlantic Canada. The winning book must be edited, designed and published by an Atlantic Canada publisher during the last year.

Eligibility, criteria and submission guidelines:
1. Eligible publishers must fit the definition of a publisher as outlined in the APMA by-laws (3.2). Publishers do NOT have to be members of the APMA.
2. Eligible books must meet the definition of a printed book as outlined in the APMA bylaws (3.9), and have been published and printed between December 1, 2015 and November 30, 2016. Submissions must be postmarked by December 9, 2016.
3. Revised editions are not eligible.
4. Publishers are invited to submit up to three titles.
5. The submission will include four copies of each submitted book, along with a brief description setting out the publishing history of the book (maximum word count: 750), including any information regarding the role the publisher played in bringing the book into print and information on the major components of the publishing process evident from the book itself. Documentation might include, for example: (a) the book’s strengths and suitability to be considered among the best; (b) any other supporting statement which may help the jury in their considerations (e.g., marketing intentions, selection of manuscript, special editorial and design considerations, etc.).
6. Each entry must be accompanied by an administration fee of $25.00 (plus applicable provincial HST) and four copies of each book.

Any questions on the submission process can be directed to: Carolyn Guy (cguy@atlanticpublishers.ca)

1. A cash prize of ($3,000) to the publisher and a cash prize ($1,000) to the author (to be shared 50/50 with an illustrator if applicable) of the title judged to be exemplary of Atlantic Canada publishing to be presented during the Atlantic Book Awards;
2. A commemorative plaque for the three shortlisted publishers;
3. ABA seals are available, for a fee, to affix to future copies of the shortlisted books. Jury participation and selection.

Every effort will be made to enlist a jury of individuals who have a substantial background in Canadian trade book publishing, who have an appreciation of what is involved in publishing, and have the experience and knowledge required to judge publishing quality. Current publishers and staff of APMA-member firms are not eligible for jury membership. Guidelines for the Jury. The goal of the Atlantic Publishers’ Best Atlantic-Published Book Award is to celebrate and create awareness of the high standards of Atlantic Canada’s publishing industry. With this in mind, the jury should consider the following:
• The applicable craftsmanship, innovation or experimentation of content, design and production values in relation to the nature of the book content and its intended audience.
• The publisher’s decision to invest in the book.
• The winning book will be one that in the jury’s view is the best example of publishing and the role of the publisher. The jury will consider the choices and decisions made by the publisher in the selection of the manuscript, and the editorial, production and marketing work that the publisher undertook for the book.
• In their deliberations the jury should consider every element of the publishing process evident in the published work: the quality of overall design, layout and typesetting; the selection and treatment of visuals (if any) and the relationship between the text and the visual content of the book; the cover design and execution and its role in presenting the book to potential readers in an arresting and effective way; the print production decisions evident in the book including the paper stock, binding and finish; and finding a readership for the book through all the elements of marketing activity and intentions including: format, price, design, title, cover, promotion, publicity, etc.
• Jury members will each receive a copy of the book submitted and will each be asked to create a shortlist of books. With the help of a facilitator appointed by the APMA, the jury will work to identify a shortlist of three books, from which they will select the winning submission. The shortlist and winner will be identified to APMA staff, but otherwise held in confidence until the awards ceremony (the shortlist to be publicized in advance).

The jury will contribute to a citation for each of the winning books pointing to the qualities and characteristics of the books which made them stand out as examples of publishing achievement in the judgment of the jury. These citations will be used in media releases and at the awards ceremony.

The identity of the judges will remain confidential. The winners’ names are not to be
revealed under any circumstances except by the awards committee in the course of their preparations for the awards.