About us

The Atlantic Book Awards Society (ABAS)

is a registered non-profit organization with the mandate “to promote and acknowledge excellence in Atlantic Canadian writing and book publishing through an annual awards ceremony and related events.”

Currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia,

the board of the Atlantic Book Awards Society is committed to being a truly regional organization with representation from all four Atlantic provinces. In May 2012, St. John’s, NL hosted a very successful gala, marking the first time this ceremony had been held outside the Halifax area; another successful gala “on the road” took place in Charlottetown in May, 2014, and again in Moncton in April 2016. Building on these successes, the goal is to continue rotating the awards ceremony through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador, as well as Nova Scotia.

Current Board Members

President: Marilyn Smulders

Vice-President: Brian Rendell 

Treasurer :  Christie Mulcahy

Recording Secretary:  Naomi McKinnon 

Member at Large (NS):  Joan McMullin

(representing Dartmouth Book Awards

Member at Large (NS): Oriana Duinker

(representing Writers Federation of Nova Scotia

Member at Large (NS):  Cloe Logan

Member at Large (NS): Aren A. Morris

Member at Large (New Brunswick): Noel Bourque 

Member at Large (PEI): Simon Lloyd 

Member at Large (NL):  Julia Mayo


2024 Festival Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Lee-Anne Poole