APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book

  1. The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association’s Best Atlantic-Published Book Award is presented annually to the Atlantic-Canadian publisher whose book, published in the preceding year, best exemplifies excellence and achievement in all aspects and phases of the publishing process.

  2. To be considered, a book must be edited, designed, and published by an Atlantic-Canadian publisher between December 1, 2018, and November 30, 2019.

  3. Publishers must be eligible for active or associate membership in the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA), though they need not be members.

  4. Eligible books may be published in English or French and must meet the APMA’s definition of a book:

    • a)  A book is a literary, instructional, or illustrative work, which contains sustained authorial voice and originality and is intended for public consumption by means of traditional printing and binding, or through audio or electronic format available for download or online consumption;

    • b)  A book has an ISBN number, a CIP page, and is registered with Library and Archives Canada. Electronic books must be registered with the Electronic Publication Acquisitions Editor, LAC;

    • c)  A book has a front cover, a back cover, and a copyright page;

    • d)  The publisher must have a tracking system for royalty payments and sales data.

  5. Revised editions are not eligible. Co-editions are only eligible for partnerships between Atlantic- Canadian firms and/or other institutions. In the case of co-editions, the publisher must be based in Atlantic Canada, but the co-publisher may be based elsewhere.

  6. A cash prize of $3,000 will be awarded to the publisher and a cash prize of $1,000 to the author (to be shared with the co-author(s) and/or illustrator(s), if applicable).

  7. The award will be presented at the 2020 Atlantic Book Awards.

  8. Atlantic Book Award seals are available, for a fee, to affix to future copies of the shortlisted books.

The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association

  1. The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA) is an industry support organization.
  2. The APMA will select three jury members for the award.
  3. No member firm of the APMA or its staff may participate in judging.
  4. No author published by a member of the APMA may participate in judging.

The Jury

  1. The jury will be comprised of qualified publishing professionals (publishers, presidents, or senior staff of publishing firms) selected from outside the Atlantic-Canadian region.

  2. The judges will assess books based on the following criteria and weightings: Content and editing (30%); Design, layout, and production (30%); Marketing, promotion, and sales (30%); Cultural, social, or literary impact (10%).

  3. The jury will compile a shortlist of three outstanding books.

  4. The jury will select the final winner from the shortlist.

  5. The jury chair will prepare a citation for each of the shortlisted books, highlighting the qualities that made them, in the opinion of the jury, stand out as examples of publishing excellence. These citations will be used in media releases and at the awards ceremony.

  6. Jury deliberations and application documents submitted to the jury will remain confidential.

  7. Once the shortlist is assembled, shortlisted publishers will receive advanced notice (to prepare promotional activities), but the shortlist will otherwise remain confidential until announced to the public. The winner will remain entirely confidential until the public announcement during the 2020 Atlantic Book Awards gala.

  8. The jury’s decision will be final.

Submission Procedures and Deadlines

  1. Publishers are invited to submit a maximum of 3 titles.

  2. The submission for each title will include 4 copies of the book and 4 paper copies of the completed application document.

  3. The application documents will be circulated to the jury and are intended to brief the jury members on the marketing, promotion, and sales component of the publishing process. The application document must be written in narrative form and include the following details (maximum 500 words):

    • a)  Describe what makes this book exemplary, the rational for bringing it into the world, the intended audience, and the approach used to reach that audience. Publishers may include genre-specific marketing challenges and how those challenges were overcome.

    • b)  Describe the promotion and sales plan developed for the book, the details of the execution of the plan, and the results—both expected and unexpected.

    • c) Explain the innovation, resourcefulness, the adaptations to change, and the new and exciting opportunities created by your marketing and sales strategy that make this an example of publishing excellence.

    • d) Include author contact information (mailing address, email address) and publisher contact information (mailing address, email address).

4. The remaining criteria (editing, design, and impact) will be considered conspicuous in the material book and left to the jury’s discretion.

5. Each title entered must be accompanied by an administration fee of $57.50 (includes HST) to cover the costs of shipping the submitted book to jury members.

6. Submissions will not be returned.

7. Copies of eligible titles and application documents must be submitted to:

Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association

1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 710

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3J 3J8

8. Submissions must be postmarked by November 30, 2019.